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As a public service, gcType promotes easy access and downloads of individual projects and doesn’t allow download whole collections of data by other groups, including list of type species, type strains, sequencing raw data, genome assembly and annotation results. The downloaded data should not be redistributed or repackaged without permission from the WDCM.

The raw sequence data, genome assembly and annotation results from the genome sequencing projects are being made available by WDCM before scientific publication to benefit the scientific community. However, WDCM and our project collaborators claim that any other scientist who access and download the data should agree to not publish any articles containing analyses of genes or genomic data on a whole genome scale prior to publication by WDCM and its collaborators of its comprehensive genome analysis.

For data formally published by WDCM and our project collaborators, with status “data publication” in gcType, we encourage reuse of these data, the following acknowledgment should be included for reuse of data for scientific publication: "These sequence data were produced by GCM 2.0 10K type strain sequencing project supported by WDCM in collaboration with the user community."

Scientists are strongly encouraged to contact WDCM for any potential collaboration and reasonable usage of the data.

WDCM team: Dr. Linhuan Wu, wulh@im.ac.cn