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The World Federation of Culture Collections (WFCC) and World Data Center for Microorganisms (WDCM) initiated an international community-led project to sequence and annotate newly described prokaryotic taxa. This sequencing project aims to cooperate with international culture collections and International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology and contribute to the expansion of whole genome sequencing data bases for type strains. It will provide global microbial taxonomists with free standard genome sequencing and annotation services. Taxonomists are encouraged to contact WDCM and participant culture collections to submit a type strain sequencing proposal.

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The Microbiology Society announced IJSEM's new collaboration with the World Data Center for Microoganisms (WDCM) which provides a route for authors who are not able to afford to do genome sequencing to have their strains sequenced for free.

There is more information available in the annoucement published on the Microbiology Society website and the article published in IJSEM, and we encourage you to share this news with any authors or colleagues who you feel would benefit from this collaboration.

  • 1、Taxonomists deposit the strains, to be proposed as type strains, in culture collections in at least two different countries (at least one GCM project cooperative culture collection) and obtain receiving numbers (a pre-assigned number by culture collections before formally accepting the type strain deposition) for the strains.
  • 2、Using the receiving number (declaring that the strains have been deposited in culture collections), taxonomists register in WDCM Global Catalogue of Microorganisms project for candidate type strain sequencing and send DNA samples to WDCM.
  • 3、WDCM sends the sequencing results to the taxonomists within two months (including assembly, G+C content, OGRI, N50 and annotation results required by IJSEM).
  • 4、The taxonomists inform WDCM of the culture collection accession numbers, when they receive formal certificates from the respective culture collections.
  • 5、WDCM substitutes the receiving numbers for the culture collection strain accession numbers and link these numbers with genome sequences data.
  • 6、Taxonomists request WDCM to publish the raw data and annotation data within the NCBI/EMBL/DDBJ/GCM.
  • 7、Taxonomists submit the manuscript to IJSEM with the genome sequence accession number.
  • 8、If the paper is not published in IJSEM (including without submission to journal, withdrawal by the authors or rejection by the editors), sequencing data will be published in the NCBI/EMBL/DDBJ/GCM databases 24 months after sequencing.